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On the morning of June 15, 2020, when Premier Li Keqiang announced the opening of the 127th Canton Fair in Beijing, nearly 26000 exhibitors from all over the world are also participating in this international trade event through the Internet, so as to expand the market for their own enterprises and products. Although Yongtian company has participated in dozens of offline Canton Fair, it is the first time to participate in online Canton Fair. The Online Fair is bold and innovative, and creates a high-quality and characteristic online platform with the help of the Internet plus cloud platform. This also coincides with the innovation idea of general manager Jia of our company. We, Yongtian company, adhering to the core idea of ultimate innovation and creating the peak, have been committed to being the pioneer of the industry, dare to be the first and dare to innovate.
Taking the opportunity of this online Canton Fair, our Yongtian company will also release several completely independent innovative products, such as the REROWHLD Electric Hoist series, Home Small Arm Crane series, and broadcast them simultaneously on our live platform of Canton Fair. At that time, we will invite our technical team and foreign trade team to give an all-round function and performance introduction to our new products. In particular, our company's new products will subvert the traditional gourd's habitual thinking design concept. The product design adopts the cordless drum to realize the ultimate concept of infinite height lifting weight and completely subvert the conventional rope drum mode. At the same time, we have also carried out a cultural upgrading of the appearance design. Combined with our company's corporate culture, we have launched the concept of the concept machine and created a red stainless steel series.
In the next few days, our international sales team and technical team will answer on-site questions or make appointment for video conference for new and old customers of all purchasers in two live rooms of our Canton Fair. We will give a comprehensive introduction to our company's conventional products and innovative products, so that the world can see our company's sincerity. At the same time, we also welcome domestic partners to promote long-term partnership with us, and we hope that we can make common progress and push really good products to the world.
From June 15th to 24th, 2020, we are all waiting for international and domestic purchasers to visit the 127th China canton Fair. Our international and domestic sales and technical teams will give you very detailed answers. I hope we can establish a long-term partnership to welcome the spring after the outbreak.