Solutions 1

Solutions 1

Nov 21, 2022

18V DC Battery Powered Hoist

---- for truck loading and auto repair



Small Body, Bit Power


When your car fails, you need to drag and repair it.

This 18V DC Battery Powered Hoist is a very suitable tool to help you drag the fault car easily when you could not find a AC power supply, and it can help you work in various heavy work loading during the maintenance.


It is very easy to install and operate with battery powered, and the working time of a battery pack can last for more than 15 minutes with 2.0Ah battery & 30 minutes with 4.0Ah Battery.



* 18V Brushless DC motor (BLDC)

* Double brake Protection: Electronic brake + mechanical brake

* Equipped with 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah battery pack and charger

* Operating Switch with Emergency-Off Function


CE / EMC Approval

Work Duty: ED 40%

8000 ~ 16000 Full load cycles

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