Features of the 18V/36V Battery Powered Hoist and the battery used

Features of the 18V/36V Battery Powered Hoist and the battery used

Apr 11, 2024

YONGTIAN, a high-tech enterprise founded in 1999, specializes in the manufacturing and selling of various electric hoists and winches. Among their range of products are the 48V Outdoor Power 18V/36V Battery Powered Hoist Winch, 12V DC Electric Winch Hoist, Wireless Remote Control Hoist, 100kg ~ 1200kg Mini Electric Hoist Trolley Hoist, Building Scaffold Electric Hoist Winch, 30m ~ 200m Lifting Height Portable Hoist, Garage Overhead Ceiling Electric Hoist, Two-speed Rope Hoist, and 18V DC Brushless Chain Hoist.

The 18V/36V Battery Powered Hoist uses a dual braking mode, which combines electronic braking and mechanical braking. Under the handle of the mechanical brake is a battery.

The YT-JZ-DC series includes four models, namely YT-JZ-DC100/200、 YT-JZ-DC150/300、YT-JZ-DC200/400 and YT-JZ-DC330/660. Except for the YT-JZ-DC330/660 model, the other three models are equipped with 18V batteries(CE, more safe and assured), and the YT-JZ-DC330/660 model is equipped with a 36V battery.The batteries for the four models are all compatible with Makita.

The YT-JZ-DC series of battery-powered tools has the following features:

1.Brushless DC motor(BLDC).

2. High-performance batteries: The batteries used in these tools have high energy density and long life, providing powerful power and long-lasting battery life.
3. Lightweight design: Due to the use of battery power, these tools are lighter than traditional electric tools, reducing user fatigue.
4. Low noise: Compared to traditional electric tools, the YT-JZ-DC series has a lower working noise, reducing noise pollution during operation.
5. Wide applicability: These tools are suitable for various occasions, including home decoration, industrial manufacturing, and garden greening.

In summary, the YT-JZ-DC series is a high-performance, high-efficiency battery-powered tool that offers excellent user experience and wide applicability. If you are looking for a reliable electric tool, consider this series of products.YONGTIAN is a reliable partner that offers competitive pricing and efficient shipping options. Contact them today for a quote tailored to your needs.